Natalia's tips | BriskNPosh

What is the history behind microblading?

Microblading rose in popularity about 25 years ago throughout Asia. Not much is known about its earlier history but the existence of similar techniques of implanting pigment in the skin after creating fine incisions could be traced back to thousands of years. Although microblading only became known/popular in the U.S and Europe in 2010.

What are the different techniques or styles of semi permanent make up?

Here at BriskNPosh your skilled estheticians will analyze your brows and suggest which technique is the best for you. However, there are multiple techniques or styles such as microblading, shading/ombre, and combination. For microblading the technician will do “hair like” strokes, so it can appear as actual hair in your brows looking very natural. Shading/ombre is a more makeup technique that’ll almost look like when you fill in your brows yourself but with a more natural touch. And combination is the two techniques combined to give the best of both worlds. Book a consultation today to decide which is best for you!

How long does semi permanent services take?

The service takes anywhere from 2-3 hours. This is because that timing includes doing a consultation before getting started, drawing the mock brow so the client can confirm the shape, and also the numbing process before the service gets started.

What age is good to start doing professional facials?

Here at BriskNPosh we think it's best to start doing facials around 15 or 16 years old. This is when most people have already gone through or may still be going through puberty and facials can really help with preventing blemishes and really cleaning the pores. For middle age adults facials are good to help keep your skin healthy and glowing, it’ll prevent wrinkles and any sagging of the skin.

How often should facials be done?

We recommend that you come every 4 to 6 weeks to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. Depending on the type of facial, doing them regularly helps with cell renewal, collagen boost, and to prevent any fine lines or wrinkles.

Are there different types of facials that you should be doing for the season?

Yes! During the different seasons your skin can have different reactions. For example in winter most people's skin tend to be dry, so the facial you then get is to help with getting more moisture and hydration into your skin. In the summer because of the humidity most people’s skin can be a bit more oily, which will clog your pores. In this instance you would need to undergo a facial that helps to unclog the pores.