How mens nasal wax is done | BriskNPosh

Prepare by apply oil inside the nostril.

If the wax is used require pre waxing oil, apply oil inside the nostril and around the nostril loop

Make a wax "lollipop" on a Q-Tip.

Make a wax "lollipop" on a Q Tip.

Place Q-Tip onto the nostril.

Press against the nostril to avoid putting wax to deep into the nose and insert the "lollipop".

Wait untill the wax dry out.

Let wax dry for about a minute, but make sure the outside wax is not to hard.

Qive the Q-Tip slight twist.

Press against nostrill and the wax slicking out, give the Q-Tip a slight twist and pull simultaneously.

Discard a Q-Tip.

Discard Q Tip.