Ingrown hair care tips | BriskNPosh

Ingrown hair care tips

The BriskNPosh’s therapists are sharing their experiences and advice about how to treat and care for ingrown hair problems.

What is ingrown hair/what are the causes?

Anyone can get an ingrown hair. However, it is more common in people who have curly or coarse hair. The hair can bend back and re-enter your skin, usually after any form of hair removal.

What are common areas for ingrown hairs?

The common areas for ingrown hairs are face/neck, legs, underarms, chest, back and pubic area.

Are there any complications from ingrown hairs?

If an ingrown hair is left untreated in some cases there can be a bacterial infection, hyperpigmentation, razor bumps, and permanent scarring.

How can I treat an ingrown hair?

You want to exfoliate twice a week, use a good ingrown hair serum, and moisturize daily.

What are some recommended products to treat/prevent ingrown hairs?

We recommend using PFB Vanish ingrown hair roll on serum, relax & wax “no trauma momma” post wax cream, & relax & wax “scrub’ me luscious” body scrub.

Can laser be the option to prevent ingrown hairs?

Laser hair removal is an option for preventing ingrown hairs. This is because laser hair removal targets hair roots and permanently decreases the number of hairs that grow back.

What is a Bikini facial?

The Bikini facial is a customized vajacial-ingrown hair treatment, your esthetician will clean your bikini area with an antiseptic solution, then perform microdermabrasion to exfoliate any existing ingrown hairs.