Covid-19 Information| BriskNPosh

What we do about COVID-19 Pandemic

We are working very hard to protect your well being and make sure that you are stay healthy. That's why we are doing all of this.
Temperature Measuring
Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we have opted to check the temperature of all of our staff and customers as precausion to protect your well being. We appreciate your undenstanding in advance
Protect Yourself
Customer must wear protective gear(masks or face cove of any form and gloves) at all times within the salon.
Try to keep at least 6 ft. of distance between each other.
Free PPE is available
Gloves and face masks is available upon request of the customers.
UV Light Sanitizing
We do daily UV-C light sanitizing including high-touch surfaces, waiting area, bath and service rooms in our salon.
The wavelength of UV-C light is strong enough to penetrate the nucleic acid of viruses and bacteria, either killing them or preventing them from becoming infectious.